Genetic Oil’s primary SHE Management objective is to ensure safe and healthy operations for everybody on SEP areas of operation, its host communities and that of our neighbors to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations. Assurance for HSE matters is provided by setting standards and monitoring performance.

Genetic Oil &Gas Limited conducts its Health Safety and Environment policies in the strong believe that it is the company’s foremost social responsibility to provide a safety work environment for its host communities, its workers and other stakeholders while providing efficient supply of energy to its customers while contributing to sustainable development of the country.

We promote a culture at Genetic Oil where HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is recognized as an imperative value that forms the basis of all decision we take, for which we aim to protect the health and safety of all who are associated with our business activities, while keeping to the lowest possible any adverse impact on the environment by undertaking the following commitments:-

i. Zero Fatalities.

ii. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, in all areas where we operate, and utilize our HSE Management System for all of our business activities in a consistent manner.

iii. Compliance with Client’s Health and Safety policies and international best practices.

iv. Protect and maintain equipment to achieve LTI free operations.

v. To show leadership in the field of Safety management.

vi. Play a leading role in promoting best practice in the industry.

vii. Conduct our business activities responsibly by providing HSE leadership that is characterized by credibility, action, vision, accountability, communication, collaboration, feedback and recognition.

viii. Ensure effective implementation and continuous improvement on our HSEMS through audits, reviews, incident investigations and the application of lessons learnt.

ix. Provide both the management resources necessary to achieve HSE Objectives and also the necessary training so as to attain sufficient HSE competency.

x. Control HSE hazards to prevent incidents, thereby averting and minimizing any negative impacts to all, including the health, the environment and community, as we continue to maintain a social license to operate.

xi. Focus on process safety and reduce associated risks to "As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)" during all phases of exploration, development, production and abandonment.

xii. Verify our emergency and crisis management processes regularly to ensure a prompt and effective response to major incidents.

xiii. Pursue every effort to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and adhere to the GHG emissions management process developed based on our business plan and growth.

xiv. Protect our personnel, operations and assets against malicious acts through resilient security management processes.

Through the implementation of this Policy, and by openly communicating our HSE information to our stakeholders, we seek to be recognized as a company that endeavors to continually improve HSE performance.

It is our policy to, carry out our activities in such a manner that no fatality, injury or damage to property arises throughout the execution of our operations; compliance to standard HSE policy is paramount in our service industry. We therefore make it a point of duty to comply without reservation. We also believe that no part of our operations is so important or of such high priority that it cannot be performed with safe, efficient work methods and equipment.

Alali Oruambo

Executive Director & Head of Administration


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